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giovedì 30 aprile 2009

Anello con Grasshopper - Video

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Paolo Nozza ha detto...

Complimenti, ottimo lavoro!!!

Anonimo ha detto...



Aureo ha detto...

Grazie mille... tra un paio di gg inserirò altri esperimenti...

aubergine2001 ha detto...

Thank you,
I have been using Rhino for about a year doing jewellery. I have been interested to learn grasshopper, but I found most of the tutorials difficult. Since you are talking about making a ring, I have made the ring measure (part.1 ?), but I find 2 and 3 difficult to follow.

Do you have a better graphic from part2 showing the components names, so maybe I could try experimenting. Better still, the Grasshopper (ghx) file. Italian is OK, I can figure it out.
Ciao, Randy Gregory

Aureo ha detto...

Hi Randy, thank you too...
If you post your e-mail, i sent you the definition of the ring.


aubergine2001 ha detto...

Hello Aureo,

my email is

I have been doing some lofts with grasshopper for rings that have been working out.

Thanks for the great site and have a great AperiRhino.